Finding yourself tossing and turning all through the night? Waking up with aches and pains?

You probably don’t have the right mattress for your back. For the best night’s sleep, you need a mattress that keeps your spine in alignment, allows your muscles to relax and gives you the right sleeping posture. Find out why the wrong mattress can cause back pain and how to choose the best mattress to support you and your back while you sleep.

Could my mattress be the cause?

Many people don’t realise that the wrong mattress can cause or aggravate back pain.
Replacing your worn out mattress is a good place to start. Mattress compression, broken springs and wear and tear can negatively impact the amount of support and comfort your mattress provides.

When you sleep, your spine should be in neutral alignment, meaning that your spine is level and not unnaturally curved. The right mattress will give you correct back support for optimum comfort and body contouring. For those with more severe back problems can also look into Chiropractor endorsed mattresses.

Tell-tale Signs

that your mattress
is to blame.
Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Do you wake up each morning with discomfort in your back, shoulders and hips?
  2. Do you need to stretch before it stops hurting?

Back Support

Not only can a good mattress help with back care but having the right pillow is just as crucial for a good night’s sleep.

Your Back Alignment With Correct Mattress

It should give you head-to-toe support and body contouring.

Your Back Alignment With Correct Mattress

Your Pillow Height and its affects

This helps to align your back and work hand in hand with your mattress.

Your Pillow Height and its affects

Body Contouring

A mattress that promotes body contouring gives you the correct spinal alignment for a healthy and restful sleep such as innerspring coil mattresses. Innerspring coil formation increases support for the heaviest parts of the body and lower back, reducing mattress sag.

Your mattress should distribute weight evenly across its surface so that your entire body is supported, resulting in pressure point reduction in the hip and shoulder areas.

Body Contouring

Medium Firm Mattress

For better back care, your mattress should deliver positive resistance

According to a study by Jeffrey N. Katz, M.D., Medium firm mattresses reported to induce less pain for people suffering from back pain.

A bed that is too firm will elevate your hips and shoulders, causing your spine to sag in the lower back region. A bed that is too soft will cause your spine to sag at the hips, resulting in localised pressure on your spine and leading to disturbed sleep and back pain. At Beds R Us we provide a variety of mattress with a different of firmness level such as our Swisstek range.

Medium Firm Mattress

Chiropractor Endorsed

There are also chiropractic endorsed mattresses which are designed based on sound orthopaedic and ergonomic principles. Ranges such as Sleepmaker’s Miracoil mattresses are endorsed and developed in conjunction with the Sports Chiropractic Association.

Miracoil Advance 5-Zone Spring System

Sleepmaker’s Miracoil mattresses are strengthened with a z-shaped continuous coil support system, designed to reduce back stress. A continuous coil support system gives you total support from head-to-toe, or edge to edge, and even reduces partner disturbance.

  • The z-shaped coils cover more surface area and offer greater support across the entire mattress. The wires run down the length of the bed from head-to-toe.
  • The five spring zones are configured to improve spinal alignment and actively support your shoulders, hips and legs.
Bixby Miracoil Classic

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