Purchasing the right mattress for your child may help you retain the bed for up to 10 years. Taking them from toddler to their teenage years.

Children sleep up to 14 hours a day meaning they spend almost half their day in bed. This is why choosing the right mattress is vital for not only comfort but also their health and wellbeing.

Choosing the correct size mattress for your child can be challenging as children have such rapidly growing bodies. This article will show you not only how to choose the right mattress, but also know when to buy a new mattress for your kids.

When to transition kids to a mattress?

the best time to transition your kids from a cot to a bed is between 18 and 36 months - From a Sydeny Peadiatric Chiropractor Study by Dr Bergby

However there has also been been many debates between going for a toddler bed or a proper mattress.

This all depends on what you want to get most out of your bed. Is it pricing, safety or comfort? Some parents who want safety as a priority would purchased a toddler bed while other who are looking at long term investments and growing support would look into mattresses like king singles.

Buying a new mattress for your kids goes beyond just the size, you have to consider consider the weight and age of the child while also giving them the best growing support.

Is it okay to skip the toddler bed?

It is definitely fine to skip the toddler bed and opt for a larger bed and mattress. What really matters is the type of mattress you buy your children.

See why we recommend buying a King Single for your children to give them the best support whilst also saving money in the long-term.

Read about King Singles

Importance of Spinal Support

It’s tempting to buy an inexpensive mattress for your child. You may assume that because your child is light and small, it is unnecessary to purchase an expensive mattress. A cheap foam mattress will not give your child the support they need.

There are many reasons why it is important to provide your kids with spinal support.

Children can sleep up to 14 hours a day

They are constantly growing

Sleeping on an unsupportive bed could put their spine under stress which could disrupt their growth

The type of back support needed is different to the needs of an adults back support

What is the
best type of mattress
for my child?

Beds R Us recommends investing in a pocket spring mattress for your child. This type of mattress is individually wrapped in fabric meaning the spring does not share the load with other springs (unlike cheaper open coil mattresses) and it means that the mattress can better contour to the shape of the body.

As for the feel of the mattress, a plush mattress is an excellent choice for children as this mattress combines support for the body and the comfort of padding, which will suit any sleeping position.

Bonus Tips!
Many children today suffer from allergies, hayfever and asthma. Although the cause of these allergies can be difficult to determine, some allergies are caused by dust mites that infest bedding and mattresses.

How to Keep Your Bed Clean?

Keeping Your Mattress Clean To Alleviate Allergies

Clean your bed sheets, pillow cases and doona covers on a weekly basis.

When swapping your sheets to a new one, air out the bed with no sheets on for at least two hours.

The cleaniness of your home is also vital and is a good way of controlling the spread of dust mites.

Consider a mattress from Beds R Us that is hypoallergenic, helping to keep dust mites away.

BixBy Miracoil

Our Miracoil range of mattresses also has comfort layer foams that are treated with Ultra-Fresh antimicrobials to help keep the mattress fresh, hygienic and odour free (available in long single).

Try Our Miracoil Range

Whether you have a 13-year-old son who’s shot up to 6ft, or a 9-year-old daughter who is the shortest in her class and every height in-between – our expert team can help you find the right mattress.

Get your kids to test it out!

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