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Queen Mattress & Base

Developed with tested and proven spring systems combined with Nuvole Pure Comfort fibre
comfort layers, the Support 4 You range offers a drier, healthier night’s sleep while supporting you in
the right areas.

Slumber Plush
Queen Mattress & Base

Plush is the softest of them all but don’t be fooled by it’s gentle touch and soft density unique foam structure. This beauty can still provide the support and comfort for you side sleepers.

For the side sleepers
Slumber Plush Queen Mattress & Base
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Slumber Firm
Queen Mattress & Base

Are you a front or a back sleeper? Then slumber firm mattress is the right one for you! It evenly disperses weight throughout the mattress to help reduce any pressure on your lower back.

Slumber Firm Queen Mattress & Base
For the front and back sleepers
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