mattresses come in different feels and sizes.
Let us help you understand the difference

Understand the different mattress sizes

What are you looking for?

a great selection of mattresses for the kids and growing teens

Little Sleepers
for the kids

mattress ranges to help minimise partner disturbance and sleep with great support

Perfect for two
for the couples

the mattress ranges that helps you wake up feeling refreshed!

Solo snoozers
for the individuals

because our guests deserve a great night sleep too!

Guests' bedroom
for the guests

Looking for Bedding Advice?

We are open for business

We are here to help our customers.

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Caring for your New Mattress

At Beds R Us we believe that your bed should be your best friend.

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Beds R Us Media Release 2020

We are in growth versus the previous financial year!

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We are open for business
Caring for your New Mattress
Beds R Us Media Release 2020

3 reasons to buy from Beds R Us

Australia's biggest independent bedding retailer for over 25 years

Australian made mattresses

Home delivery to Metro & regional areas

3 Reasons to Buy From Beds R Us

Support Local

Each of our stores are locally owned and operated. Our licensees are industry experts and have years of bedding experience. With a deep commitment to service and knowledge our licensees have been delivering a good night’s sleep to millions of Australians since 1992.

Australian Made

We’re Australia’s leading independent, mattress and bedding retailer. We stock high quality hand crafted mattresses made in Australia.

Home Delivery to
Metro & Regional Areas

We don’t just sell a mattress in a box, our stores specialise in a range of SleepMaker and Sleepyhead mattresses which feature a unique combination of patented technologies, comfort choice and materials that are sourced and made right here in Australia.

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