Our history

Beds R Us has been serving Australians since the early 1990s, helping people in our communities achieve the best rest possible by knowing their needs and providing them with the best solution available.

Not everybody’s needs are the same and not all mattresses provide support equally. This is why our Beds R Us team take pride in selecting a wide range of the finest quality Australian made products and personally guide each customer to the most supportive, comfortable and restful mattress for their needs.

The core of our range is sourced from family-owned manufacturer Sleepyhead, who have consistently led the mattress market in high-grade product and value for 80 years. Using the highest grade Australian components and rigorous quality assurance processes, they’ve developed mattresses to the highest standard.

By providing professional, specialist advice in store and recommending high-quality Australian made mattresses, our goal is to ensure that all Beds R Us customers love their bedroom.

Beds R Us members are part of the local community and have been for over 25 years. They are passionate in helping people find the best mattress for their needs. This unique network of local owners and operators working with their major Australian supplier look forward to helping people just like you find your perfect bed.

Our Journey

Sleepyhead was established in Auckland in 1935 and began exporting mattresses during the 1980s before opening several purpose-built factories in Australia. These specially designed factories have supported Beds R Us since day one, with superior locally made products.
Early 1990s
With a history in regional Australia, the people at Beds R Us have good old-fashioned values and respect the hard-working Aussie battler. Newcastle saw the first Australian Beds R Us store open with Dick and Don’s Beds R Us operating in the early 1990s.

“We were the first Beds R Us store in Australia. It was like a real family happy place to work in, there were four of us there then. Our customers did get excited with the range of beds which we carried stock of.”

— Rex Hamall
(A current employee of Beds R Us Warners Bay, who was part of the original Newcastle store)

Two of the earliest stores were Beds R Us Casino (Oaten’s) and Beds R Us Ingham (Reitano’s). These are both family businesses that are still trading to this day. Some families pass down their Beds R Us business from generation to generation.
By the mid 2000’s there were more than 20 locally owned stores operating across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.
The Beds R Us network continued gaining trust and support and by 2010 had doubled in number to more than 40 stores across Australia.
The Beds R Us online website was launched.
In 2020 Beds R Us created a new strategy using animated ads to realign our brand with our current values
Since 2010 we have doubled our numbers again to over 80 Beds R Us stores Australia-wide, all of which remain completely locally owned and operated!
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