Pure Balance Mattress

Endorsed by osteopathy australia

Give your body comfort and back support with our Osteopathy Australia-endorsed mattress, and bring some balance into your busy lifestyle.

Pure Balance Inspire

Reduce sideways movement and enjoy stability and support from the spring system with 5-zones.

Pure Balance Rejuvenate

Gives you stronger support in the parts of your body where you need it most – your hips and shoulders.

5 -Zone B.O.S.S Support

The BOSS system is a unique
5 Zone construction that provides correct spinal alignment.


Luxurious feel without compromising support or therapeutics qualities.

Ultra-Fresh® Treated

Ultra-fresh antimicrobials help protect against a range of triggers that cause asthma & allergies.


The dream sleep surface. High loft fibre gives bounce back between two layers of superior dream foam – breathable, cooling and with minimal wear.


A combination of plush, durable, premium Australian made comfort layer foams for a medium, soft feel.

Osteopathy Australia

Osteopathy Australia represents osteopaths across all Australian states & territories & is a member of the Allied Health Professions Australia & Osteopathic International Alliance.

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