Sleepyhead Pure Balance

Give your body comfort and back support with our Osteopathy Australia-endorsed mattresses, and bring back some balance into your busy lifestyle. Sleepyhead’s Pure Balance mattresses will help you get a great night’s sleep which is necessary for a well-balanced and happy life.


Why Choose
Pure Balance Recapture

  • Treat Your Back to a Night Off

    Pure Balance features FlexiCoil 5-zone technology to give the best support and comfort.

  • Relax on Pure Comfort

    Drift into blissful rest with silk fibre, fusion graphene and latex cushioning your body. Also contains Kulkote to help regulate your temperature.

  • Quality Sleep Solution

    These mattresses are backed by Osteopathy Australia and are Australian made. You will be investing in a quality sleep solution that will give you a great start to your day.

Some of Our Mattress Features


    Comfort layers are coated with temperature regulating technology to draw heat away from your body and help maintain a balanced temperature as you sleep. The Silver is Anti Bacterial and helps maintain a healthy sleep environment.

  • Dunlop Foams

    Dunlop Foams is produced in Australia and provides exceptional comfort and long lasting durable support. Multiple Dunlop layers laminated together for an ultra plush pressure relieving feel.

  • Climatex Quilt

    The dream sleep surface. High loft fibre gives bounce back between two layers of superior Dunlop Foams, Climatex Quilt is breathable, cooling and shows minimal wear.


    A 5-zoned system integrates 2 zones of standard pocket springs with 3 zones of Flexicoil; an intelligent two-stage coil detects and deflects pressure for additional support.

  • Latex Gold

    Latex comfort layers have natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help to provide a drier, healthier sleep environment.


    Comfort edge provides support right to the edge of the mattress which reduces the roll out feeling while also maximizing the sleeping surface.

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