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When you are looking for the best mattress to buy there are a lot of things to consider. The sheer variety can be mind-boggling. Suddenly everything has become about coils, springs, layers and systems. You’re told ‘pockets springs’ are superior. Especially when compared to a cheap foam/latex or standard ‘open coil’ mattress. This is certainly true. But, why exactly?

Who knew there was so much involved in buying a bed? Remember that a mattress is a long term investment. You should know what you are getting and understand all the benefits before you buy. That’s why the sleep experts at Beds R Us are here to help with this mattress buying guide.

Why might you opt for a pocket spring mattress (such as one from the Sleepyhead pocket spring collection)?

Come on a journey with Beds R Us.

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History of pocket springs

In 1899, a Canadian-born machinist and engineer named James Marshall invented a radical type of spring system for mattress construction. These pre-compressed cylindrical coil springs were also known as ‘Marshall coils’, ‘encased coils’ or ‘encased springs’. Their defining feature? Structured on a singular basis, they were sewn inside a pocket of material. The name ‘pocket springs’ stuck.

This invention was of great benefit to consumers. As the inclusion filtered down, they encountered unprecedented levels of comfort and support. The clever design meant that the springs could compress independently of one another. This resulted in a suspension system that would contour to each person’s unique form and weight.

Most mattress manufacturers import their pocket springs from overseas. Sleepyhead is unique in that it manufactures theirs in their own factories in Australia and New Zealand. This means they have complete quality control right from the wire that makes the coil, to the finished product. The company has since developed its own revolutionary upgrades. Read on to discover more:

Improved Comfort
for uninterrupted rest

At Beds R Us, we get that there is no substitute for a good night’s sleep. No one wants to spend all night tossing and turning. But, the impact goes further than irritability and general malaise. During sleep, the immune system performs vital regenerative functions. Sleep deprivation makes you far more susceptible to illness and mental stressors.

The upshot of the equation? A night of better sleep on the right mattress equals improved performance. That’s at work, at the gym and, let’s face it – during virtually any day-to-day scenario! Diet and exercise are important, but their effects can be reduced when you don’t get a good rest. This has to be one of the biggest reasons to buy a better bed.

So, how will a Sleepyhead pocket spring mattress
keep you sleeping sound?

Here are a few key reasons:


Our Australian Made pocket spring beds feature full height, heat-tempered pocket springs – offering a high level of durability and longevity of use.


Only those springs that are in direct contact with your body will move – this minimises sagging of your mattress and protects against partner disturbance.


You will experience support where it’s needed most – particularly in cushioning against pressure-point irritation.


You may benefit from reduced bodily discomfort – an identifiable factor in disturbed sleep.

Comparison with other systems

Among innerspring systems, pocket spring variants provide the ‘gold standard’. To find out more about pocket spring you can watch this video.

In ‘painting the bigger picture’ in mattress manufacturing, we’ll touch on the main alternatives to pocket spring beds. Without mentioning any names, how do other products ‘stack up’?

Latex/foam mattresses+

Let’s look at full latex mattresses. They usually present as a cheaper alternative, and these days may even come in a box that you can purchase online. Whilst that might seem nifty, the compositional of latex is quite firm, less malleable and does not compare with the responsive and supportive benefits associated with a fully structured spring system mattress.

Open coil mattresses+

Open coil (Bonnell) mattresses are your traditional type of bed. They are made of single springs (which are hourglass shaped) fixed together by one small wire spiral (called a helical). Attached to other coils of the same type, this forms a mat. The biggest difference is that an open coil makes for a very affordable, lighter density mattress. It will be easy to turn and there will be good air flow.

Beds R Us stock the following pocket spring mattresses across the Sleepyhead range (we have also included some from SleepMaker):

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