Sleepyhead 5-zone support

Sleepyhead’s 5-zone support

Thanks to Sleepyhead’s local Australasian design team, gone are the days when all mattresses have the same springs from top to bottom. The human body is not flat like a plank, so your bed’s comfort and support technology should not be either.

Designed to achieve balance

5-zone mattresses are designed with three key principles to achieve balance:

  • Support to the lower back

    Provide support to
    the lower back and
    assist with your
    spinal alignment

  • Reduce Pressure Points

    Reduce pressure
    points, especially in
    the hip region

  • Evenly Distribute Weight

    Evenly distribute
    weight across the five
    zones of the mattress

Sleepyhead’s innovative 5-zone spring support systems are designed to work in perfect harmony with Australian made foams to ensure a balanced, refreshed sleep with less tossing and turning and minimal partner disturbance.

Two types of 5-zone spring systems

Australian Pocket:Coil

For a softer feeling pocket spring support layer. Our Comfort for You range of beds features individually wrapped 5-zoned coils that adjust independently to the weight and contour of your body while minimising partner disturbance.

FlexiCoil Pocket Spring

For a firmer feeling pocket spring support layer. In our Rejuvenate mattresses, individually wrapped coils form part of a 5-zone design system which gives you more comfort and support in just the right places.

Sleepyhead mattresses with 5-zone pocket springs

Pure Balance Rejuvenate is a Sleepyhead mattress that offers five zones of support.

These beds have pocket springs with variable tension in five zones for exceptional comfort and cradling support. Zones 1, 3 and 5 are firm in the Rejuvenate, which offers good support for your back.

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  • Rejuvenate Range

    has FlexiCoil spring
    support units

Comfort for You is a Sleepyhead mattress that offers five zones of support.

These beds have an Australian Made 5-zone pocket spring system with variable tension in five zones for supreme comfort and support you can luxuriate in. Zones 1, 3 and 5 are soft in the Comfort for You, which means the contours of your body are matched by just the right tension in the independent pocket springs beneath the comfort foams.

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