Everyday Low Range
Everyday Low Range

Find your quality low range mattress! Browse our affordable mattresses with great quality from $199 to just under $1,000! These mattresses are also ideal for the spare bedroom. Browse our featured low range mattress: Siesta Mattress beds and Beds R us Classic Mattress beds.

Support for you — Siesta

The Support for You — Siesta range is popular with those looking for an affordable and durable mattress which assists in offering exceptional support from the Truflex spring system. Along with comfort layer foams which are treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobials to help keep products fresh, hygienic, and odour free.

Beds r us classic

Beds R Us Classic is the Everyday Low Price range with 3 ranges to choose from Single Sided (SS) , Double Sided (DS) and High Top (HT). This is the perfect low price sleep solution for you or your spare bed.

Ready to make the committment and get a restful night but your finances aren’t. That’s okay! Look into our many Buy Now, Pay Later options available in-store and online.

Each of our stores are locally owned and operated. Our licensees are industry experts and have years of bedding experience. With a deep commitment to service and knowledge our licensees have been delivering a good night’s sleep to millions of Australians for over 25 years.

We’re Australia’s leading independent, mattress and bedding retailer. We stock the widest range of products and high quality brands under one roof.

We don’t just sell a mattress in a box, our stores specialise in a range of Sleepmaker and Sleepyhead mattresses which feature a unique combination of patented technologies, comfort choice and materials that are sourced and made right here in Australia.

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