Frequently Asked Questions

  • Delivery and Shipping

    When will my delivery arrive?

    Home delivery or in store pickup

    Beds R Us Stores are independently owned and strive to offer efficient delivery. Times may vary depending on your location and delivery schedule. If you require specific delivery days or times, your local store will be happy to discuss your delivery requirements.

    You might be interested in more details about our shipping, delivery and collection processes.

    How much does Beds R Us charge for delivery?

    Our online delivery charge is flat rate of $85 but please be advised that further fees may apply for regional or high toll areas. If the delivery address is more than 50kms from the store, additional charges may apply. Please contact the store for delivery costs.

    You might be interested in more details about our shipping, delivery and collection processes.

    How will my purchase be delivered?

    Home delivery or in store pickup

    If you require specific delivery information, please contact your local store to discuss prior to placing your order.

    You might be interested in more details about our shipping, delivery and collection processes.

    Do you deliver after standard business hours (eg. weekend bed delivery)?

    If you require a delivery on a weekend or after 5pm on weekdays, please contact your local store to find out if they can accommodate you before placing your order.

    You might be interested in more details about our shipping, delivery and collection processes.

    What if I am not home when you try to delivery my new bed?

    If you are not going to be home of the time of delivery, you will need to discuss this with your local store.

    Can I recycle the packaging?

    Beds R Us encourages staff and customers to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible to help look after our planet. The cardboard boxes you receive with your delivery can be recycled in your kerbside cardboard and paper bin.

    If your council does not allow “LDPE 4” in your regular plastic recycling, you may need to take any soft plastic packaging to a REDcycle collection point (found at most major supermarkets). Please cut soft plastic sheets to something near A3 size (equivalent to two A4 sheets of office paper).

    You might be interested in more details about our shipping, delivery and collection processes.

  • Warranty, Returns and Exchanges

    Does Beds R Us have a return policy?

    The owners of Beds R Us stores are members of the Beds R Us group of retailers, and we do not have a universal returns policy. Please check with the individual store where you choose to place your order (online or in person).

    In addition to getting help from the business you purchased from, if your product was manufactured by SleepMaker or Sleepyhead, please visit their After Purchase portal to organise a warranty claim (SleepMaker After Purchase | Sleepyhead After Purchase).

    For information on defects, returns or exchanges, contact the Beds R Us store you made your purchase from.

    What warranty do Beds R Us products come with?

    Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

    Each manufacturer has its own warranty policies and procedures, which your local Beds R Us store can assist you with.

    Before buying a product from Beds R Us you can see what warranties are available in the ‘Product Summary’ section of each product on the Beds R Us website or ask in-store for details.

    The following product ranges come with a 10-year warranty: SlumberMiracoilRejuvenateComfort for YouSwisstekNourishCocoonSanctuary.

    How do I claim on a Beds R Us product under warranty?

    If you believe that your product is defective and you are the original purchaser, please contact the Beds R Us store you purchased the item from. The Beds R Us business can assist you, or you can go directly to the manufacturer if you prefer. If a warranty claim is lodged the manufacturer will require:

    • proof of purchase (e.g. a copy of your invoice)
    • why you believe your product is defective (including photos or videos)
    • your contact details

    To make a warranty claim online please visit the applicable manufacturer’s warranty website:

    SleepMaker (Just Sleep, MiLife, Miracoil, Cocoon)

    Sleepyhead (Sanctuary, Serenity, Physio Balance, Comfort for You, Support for You, Growing Support, Pure Balance, Swisstek, Nourish)


  • Paying for my new bed, mattress or manchester

    What payment options are there with Beds R Us?

    We accept the following payment methods online:

    • Visa, Mastercard and American Express
    • Paypal
    • Afterpay
    • Humm
    • Zip

    Some Beds R us may offer alternative options in store, please read more about our in-store finance options.

    Do you offer interest-free finance?

    Yes! Please read more about our in-store finance options and our Beds R Us online store finance options.

  • About Beds R Us products

    What does ensemble mean and do you sell all of your mattresses as an ensemble?

    A bed consists of a base and a mattress. When sold together it is called an ensemble. We can sell bases and mattresses if required. That way you know for sure you have the right size and strength features in the base for your chosen mattress, and you can obtain the best deal possible on your purchase. All of our mattresses can be sold in an ensemble with a correctly sized, posturised and supportive base. Shop our Nova bases here and create your own ensemble.

    What kind of foam is used in Beds R Us beds?

    Sleepyhead and SleepMaker exclusively source their comfort layers from Dunlop Foams. This allows them to use the highest quality foams possible. Dunlop Foams are completely Australian Made.

    What bedding or manchester is available for sale at Beds R Us?

    Each store stocks a selection of bedding, including pillows, pillowcases and mattress protectors. These are available in allergy-friendly, water-proof and regular varieties. Please visit your local Beds R Us store for details.

    How long will it take for the new smell of the bed to dissipate?

    If the new smell bothers you when you unwrap your mattress, we recommend that you let your mattress breathe before making it up with bedding for the first time. Let it breathe again when changing the sheets and bedding over the first few weeks. Opening windows to improve the ventilation may also assist.

    Our beds are manufactured to the highest Australian standards so you can be safe in the knowledge that you and your family will be sleeping on a high-quality new mattress.

  • How to find a perfect bed for you:

    Are your mattresses really Australian made?

    Yes! All mattress ranges on our website our Australian Made. Sleepyhead and SleepMaker are manufactured and distributed from 5 key locations in Australia: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania and Perth.

    What bed sizes do Beds R Us sell?

    Single: 92cm x 188cm

    Long Single: 92cm x 203cm

    King Single: 107cm x 203cm

    Double: 137cm x 188cm

    Queen: 153cm x 203cm

    King: 183cm x 203cm

    Super King: 203cm x 203cm

    Check with your local Beds ‘R’ Us Store to find out further information on particular bed models.

    How do I choose the right base for my bed?

    Our Nova standard bases come in all sizes so you can perfectly pair a base to your mattress. Shop our range of Nova bases here.

    We also have a range of adjustable bases for those who have a certain need or would like the flexibility that an adjustable base provides. You can find our range of adjustable bases here.

    How do I figure out which is the right bed for me?

    Home delivery or in store pickup

    Your comfort is a priority for all Beds R Us stores, and your local Beds R Us store is the best place to go for face-to-face assistance choosing the right bed. Our friendly staff will be happy to help.

  • Choosing a bed for Others

    How can I choose the right mattress for my child?

    Children are lighter than adults, but that doesn’t mean their bodies need less support and comfort. The best thing to do is to bring your child into a store to try out our beds and decide on the best one for their body and your budget.

    All of our ranges come in single and king single size and many also have a long single option for growing kids.

    Sleepyhead Classic offers a junior range as a good starting point for children’s mattresses.

    If your child is 8 or 9 you might like to consider buying a good quality double bed with a ten-year warranty that will last them through to their young adult years, and potentially beyond.

    If you’re looking for luxury check out the ultra plush Rejuvenate in double size. If you want a medium feel that also looks after your hip pocket, consider a double size Slumber bed for your child.

    Every body is different so be sure to visit your local Beds R Us store and ask about beds for children.

    What bed do you recommend for unexpected guests?

    In preparation for having visitors staying in your home you might like to purchase an Australian-made guest bed. With the right balance of features to be comfortable, without a high price tag, these ranges are available at all Beds R Us stores year round.

  • What if I have Allergies?

    What products do you recommend for someone with allergies?

    Dunlop Foams may assist those suffering from allergies, as they also treat their foam with Ultrafresh, which has anti-microbial properties and may reduce the presence of some allergens.

    Ultrafresh is included in all of Sleepyhead’s mattress ranges, and this technology may help control common allergens for a fresher and cleaner sleeping environment.

    Most Beds R Us stores will also sell pillow protectors and mattress protectors that deter dust mite infestation. The pillow case, sheets and protectors can all be laundered, enabling you to reduce the amount of dust mites in the bed.

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