• Forget mattress dipping, partner disturbance and think revolutionary comfort, try our new swisstek CS range.

Our bodies have evolved over many years to adapt to the ever changing environment. Due to these changes, your mattresses should evolve too!

This is why we have reshaped and adjusted our mattress designs and technology to cope with these changes.

you now save
you now save
The new Swisstek Comfort System (CS)

At the heart of the Beds R Us range is the Swisstek Comfort System (SCS). It’s a transition system that allows perfect harmony between spring support and comfort layers.

Some of the mattress technology includes:

  • Transitional Comfort System
  • Revolutionary heat management technology – KülKōte
  • minimised partner disturbance
  • Pillow Base pillow support for correct neck alignment
  • Dip minimising mattress technology

Come in-store and be the first to try it! You can also now get this revolutionary mattress for an amazing introductory price!

Learning about a mattress can get quite technical, but this is why we’re here to help you!


Allows perfect harmony between support and comfort layers with the combination of two layers of pocketed coils.


A phase change material (PCM) with silver is infused into the mattress to help regulate body temperature with anti-bacterial properties.

Comfort Edge

Solid foam edging gives strong support on the mattress sides to reduce that roll out feeling.


Pocket springs allow airflow, relieve pressure, evenly distribute your weight and minimise partner disturbance.


High density unique foam structure with a medium feel provides extra support and luxurious comfort.


High density unique foam structure with a medium feel provides extra support and luxurious comfort.


A supportive DreamFoam layer at both mattress ends is ideal for a pillow and provides the right comfort level for your shoulders and neck.

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