With such busy lifestyles we all need help balancing work, rest and play.Beds R Us is all about finding the right bed for you. That means getting the balance just right. If you are a side-sleeper or a front-and-back-sleeper you’re going to love Pure Balance Rejuvenate! If you want a mattress that feels both stable and luxurious, choose Pure Balance.

A great sleep helps you find the right work-life balance. The Pure Balance Rejuvenate range provides both comfort and back support in a bed that is Australian-made and endorsed by Osteopathy Australia.

All about the Balance

Pure Balance features up to four mattress layers to give you a comfy sleep as well as a range of technology and anti-microbial treatments which help minimise triggers that can cause asthma and allergies.

Exclusive to Beds R Us, the Pure Balance range features low partner disturbance with the 5-zone FleixCoil pocket spring technology.

Here are some of the exclusive features you will find in the Pure Balance Rejuvenate.

Climatex Quilt

Kulkote on Latex Gold

Osteopathy Australia Endorsement

5-zone FlexiCoil Pocket Springs throughout Rejuvenate

Support and Comfort to Rejuvenate Your Life

Reduce sideways movement and enjoy stability and support from the spring system with five zones.

Gives you stronger support by combining high-quality foams with appropriate tensile springs for the firmness you desire in bed.

  • Dreamfoam is a high-density unique foam structure with a firm to medium feel depending which firmness you choose
  • 5-zone FlexiCoil pocket springs are individually wrapped coils that provide stronger support in those parts of the mattress that bear the most weight

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Rejuvenate range

Gives you more comfort in the parts of your body where you need it most, such as your hips and shoulders.

  • Climatex Quilt with silk fibre in the medium, plush and ultra-plush beds
  • Memory Foam in the plush feel
  • Fusion Graphene Memory Foam in the ultra-plush feel
  • 5-zone FlexiCoil pocket springs compress under common pressure points to assist with the comfort of your hips and shoulders

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The Benefits of Osteopathy
Australia Endorsement

Osteopathy Australia represents osteopaths across all Australian states and
territories and is a member of the Allied Health Professionals Australia and
Osteopathic International Alliance.

The reason why Beds R Us Pure Balance will bring your comfort back to life is clear. Osteopathy Australia only works with complementary partners who they
believe are an essential part of providing high-quality osteopathic care for

Osteopathy Awareness

Osteopaths in Australia

Understand more about Osteopathy Australia and the importance of the health and wellbeing of your musculoskeletal system here.

Live life with Pure Balance

Treat Your Back to
A Night Off

Pure Balance features FlexiCoil 5-zone technology to give the best support and comfort.

Relax on
Pure Comfort

Pure Balance features mattress layers to give you a comfy sleep as well as a range of technology and antibacterial Latex Gold which helps minimise triggers that can cause asthma and allergies.

Sleep Solution

These beds are backed by Osteopathy Australia and are Australian made. You will be investing in a quality sleep solution that will give you a great start to your day.

Understand The 5-zones

Learn more about the spring components of a
mattress such as the 5-zone spring system