Are you tired of feeling overheated in your bed? Let us show you our cooler beds for a more settled night!

Living in Australia is tops, but trying to fall asleep during the Summer heat can become a little more difficult and uncomfortable. Even if you run ceiling fans or air conditioning there are likely to be times you wish your bed was cooler. This is where inherent cooling features can really help you feel more comfortable and maybe even help you save power!

At Beds R Us, we supply a variety of Australian Made mattresses by Sleepyhead. One of the key reasons to invest in a Sleepyhead mattress is because of their use of modern technology to keep your bed cool such as these below:

Spring layer




Fusion Gel


Cooling Fabrics


Intrigued? Find out how our coolest beds and their various heat mitigation components can help you sleep more peacefully!


Choosing a bed with springs, whether they are pocket springs or continuous coils, results in more airflow through the mattress.

You may be wondering what if you have a foam-only mattresses? Some foam-only mattresses can still provide you with good airflow. However, they need to be treated with the right substances to ensure you won’t overheat or feel enveloped.

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Kulkote is a US-based manufacturer of PCMs (phase change materials), which can be added to various products to help with cooling. First used in the space program, Kulkote particles absorb heat and release it later helping to keep the temperature inside the mattress stable and cool.

Kulkote Silver You can find Kulkote Silver in these beds:

Kulkote You can find Kulkote in the following products in our range:

Kulkote Silver You can find Kulkote Silver in these beds:

Kulkote You can find Kulkote in the following products in our range:


Foams infused with gel particles

Another good feature to look out for in a bed to keep you cooler at night is Fusion Gel and Fusion Gel+. Fusion Gel is a type of memory foam that Sleepyhead uses to help keep you cool in bed. It balances the temperature, making it superior to other kinds of memory foam which tend to overheat. Advanced gel particles are infused evenly throughout this superior memory foam providing greater support, pressure relief and heat dissipation.

In Fusion Gel+ there are gel particles infused into our luxurious Dream Foam, to help keep it cool.

Here are some of our products that have Fusion Gel!   

Contours & Supports

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Great For Growing Teens

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Fabrics that wick away moisture

The types of fabric in a mattress also makes a big difference. Our beds feature fabrics such as: Climatex Quilt, Fibre Silk and Hydrofast.

Climatex Quilt

Fibre Silk


Another good feature to look for

Bamboo+Silverline is a premium soft-knit fabric with naturally breathable bamboo fibres and anti-bacterial Silverline which may assist the user achieve a healthier night’s sleep. Fibre:Nuvole releases humidity to help your body breathe freely and minimise hot spots.

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Let’s Top It All Off

Having a mattress protector is also important. A mattress protector helps keep your sleeping environment more hygienic. No matter how much cooling technology is in your bed, the Summer months are likely to result in some challenges for keeping your bed clean and cool.

A warm and damp environment can multiply the number of dust mites in your bed, so for that reason, our beds feature Ultra-Fresh for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. If you suffer from allergies we still recommend keeping your bed clean by encasing it in a mattress protector.

Enjoy a better and cooler sleep
this Summer!

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