Are you ready to commit to buying a new bed? Feeling all warm and fuzzy just thinking about ‘the one’?

Looking forward to that special support to comfort you over long nights and when you need to escape from the world? Like any potential long-term relationship, it’s important to look before you leap.

With a typical mattress lasting five to ten years, a new bed purchase should be a carefully planned investment in getting better sleep. If your current mattress makes you ask ‘what have you done for me lately?’, it might be time to consider an upgrade. But, how to pick one to go the distance?

1. What Is Your
2. Your Sleeping
3. What Size Will
You Need
4. Your Preferred
Firmness Level
5. The Composition
Of Your Bed
6. Additional technological
7. Do you prefer to buy
Online or in-store?

1. What is your Budget?

It’s important to set your cost parameters before shopping for a new bed. This will not only keep your bank balance in check but will help you to avoid getting ripped off. Take your time to research the price tiers in mattress products which are comparable across-the-board.

This will give you insight into what features and what level of quality to expect at the corresponding price-point*. You will be able to figure out if an offer is a genuine deal, or if it is mere hype. Sometimes, something slightly more expensive may be well worth it!

*Average mattress prices can retail from as low as $500 a mattress to over $5,000, depending on the materials used in the mattress. For example does it contain a gel-infused memory foam or phase-change materials? What type of spring system is contained within the bed to support your body weight? Come to think of it, what are the unique requirements of your body during sleep?

Consider buying a new bed base for any new mattress

Investing in a quality base can make the mattress last even longer and often helps with the support the mattress offers. Hint: a good strong ensemble base is low key and non-intrusive in the bedroom. It does not squeak and won’t cause you to bark your shins in the night. And to make it a match made in heaven, we discount your bases when you buy it with a mattress!

2. Your sleeping arrangement

It seems a given that the purpose of your mattress is for you to sleep on. But consider the matter in more depth and you’ll realise that different people have different sleeping arrangements.

For example, you may be happily single or you may have a rambunctious family of five! You may reserve your bedroom just for peaceful slumber or you may reach for your laptop and use your bed as another workspace in your home.

Before beginning your search for a new mattress, have a think about your unique circumstances. Naturally, these will influence your selection.

Questions such as:

  1. Do you share your bed with anyone, if so what sort of bed are they likely to prefer and/or require?
  2. Do you have children who co-sleep or join you in bed at any point (for example, to watch TV together as a part of your family’s habits)?
  3. Is your pet allowed to sleep in bed with you (or does it do so regardless)?
  4. Are you or your partner affected by any health or wellbeing concerns, e.g. do you need a mattress that prioritises back support or an adjustable base?
  5. Do you work in bed (with paperwork and/or a laptop)?

3. What size will you need?

Now that you have thought about how you will be using your mattress; it’s a whole lot easier to gauge the right size bed to fit your needs. Your lifestyle will guide your decision-making process. As will the size of your bedroom.

Not all rooms can fit a king size bed. So, if you’re lucky enough to have the extra space you may as well make the most of it. But it’s also about finding a mattress in an ideal size for your bedroom, taking into consideration your preference in bed frames, the rest of your furniture and your access points.

Did you know that a queen size mattress is deemed the minimum size to fit an average sized couple? If you’re still bunking down with your s/o in a double bed, maybe it’s time to ‘decrumple’? When it comes to mattresses, one size certainly does not fit all!

differences between a single and king single mattress

learn the differences between the two mattress sizes and why it may just be what you’re looking for!

4. your preferred firmness level

Some people may think that a firm mattress is guaranteed to provide more support. However, it’s a bit more complicated than that (check out our mattress buying guide for more information). Weighing up the differences between firm and soft mattresses often comes down to personal preferences. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Our mattress range from plush to super firm.

  • Plush beds – contour to the body’s curves, making these ideal for those who sleep on their side
  • Medium beds – provides that sweet spot for those who prefer something between firm and plush
  • Firm beds – may be suited to stomach sleepers and those who prefer a rigid sleep surface.

Support For You is a great range for those looking for a mattress with a range of firmness levels (from plush to super firm).

5. The Composition Of Your Bed

The composition of a mattress is probably THE factor in user experience. This refers to materials and engineering processes used in mattress construction. You should take the time to study exactly what goes into your bed.

After all, this has the power to influence how long your mattress might last and your likelihood of ‘partner disturbance’ (being affected by your partner’s movements as you sleep), among other things.

Beds vary widely in their composition from innersprings (open coil/continuous coil/ pocket spring/offset coil), or some other type of material such as latex, gel-infused foam or memory foam. The middle to high ranges of beds at Beds R Us contains a combination of the above and can therefore be considered ‘hybrid mattresses’.

find the bed composition for you

Each system will have associated benefits

let’s take a look at some of our mattresses & their features

The Miracoil range (from SleepMaker) offers the support of strengthened z-shaped continuous coils in a 5-zone system which is designed to help reduce back stress.

shop miracoil range

The Support For You (from Sleepyhead) is an affordable and durable mattress with individually wrapped pocket coils to manage partner disturbance for couples.

shop support for you

6. Additional technological solutions

How about those extras? They might be more essential than you think. Mattress components offer technological solutions with specialised benefits and can equate to a much more comfortable bed.

Additionally, your sleep temperature (especially an abrupt rise or fall during the night) may be contributing to you feeling like you are not getting enough sleep. Mattress technology can help to manage this. Kulkote Silver and Ultra-Fresh are examples of effective antibacterial and heat-regulating treatments that can help you to rest more comfortably.

If you’d like to increase that cushiony feeling without compromising on support you can opt for a plush mattress (most of our beds are superior to pillow-top mattresses). Consider Beds R Us ranges: Sanctuary, Swisstek, Comfort for You and Nourish.

find the bed composition for you

7. Do you prefer to buy online or in-store?

These days, being able to buy a mattress online has become a very real thing. However, we encourage you to come into a Beds R Us store to Try-Before-You-Buy. Form a relationship with a bedding specialist, you’ll be glad you did!

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