Sick of rolling into your partner or furry friend during the night? Tired of waking up from wriggling kids? Wish you could just ‘starfish’ each night without an elbow to the ribs? Sounds like you need a Super King mattress!

Super King Mattress: There is a new king in town!

Sick of rolling into your partner or furry friend during the night? Tired of waking up from wriggling kids? Wish you could just ‘starfish’ each night without an elbow to the ribs? Sounds like you need a Super King mattress!

At Beds R Us, we now offer Super King sized beds in a variety of Sleepyhead and SleepMaker ranges. But is it really worth it? Keep reading to find out.

Go BIG or go home…

Super King sized beds were once a rare luxury, often found in 5-star hotel suites. Now with our help, it could be your dream come true! With a variety of benefits, buying a Super King mattress could be your ideal sleep solution for years to come.

Even though it’s a bigger investment, we spend almost ⅓ of our lives in bed – don’t you want to make sure that’s time well spent? Learn more about which mattress size is best for you below.

Queen, King or Super King?


Queen mattresses are arguably the most popular in Australia, measuring at 153cm x 204cm. It typically is best for two adults or one adult with pets, but not great for restless sleepers or those who appreciate their personal space.


King mattresses are ideal for two adults, plus 1-2 small children or pets if necessary. Measuring at 183cm x 204cm, a King is 30cm wider than a Queen. If you’re trying to decide between the two, it’s usually better to size up so you have more space to stretch out. Although we recommend checKing your room dimensions so it’s not an awkward fit.


Super King beds are the largest standard bed in Australia, measuring at 204cm x 204cm. It is 21cm wider than a standard King, making it perfect for couples who enjoy their personal space and tend to share it with kids and pets. Most Aussies will agree that the added luxury this bed size gives is worth the extra money.

What are the benefits of choosing a Super King Mattress?

Improves sleep quality

If pain, cramped legs or pins and needles are keeping you up at night, sometimes a larger bed can help relax your body and improve your quality of sleep. The extra space makes it a lot easier to stretch out after a long day and may help relieve those painful pressure points. Smaller sized beds can actually restrict blood flow as you’re forced to contract your body to fit, especially if you share it with a partner, kids or pets.

Ideal for couples

Even the happiest couples can have bedtime problems. Hogging the blanket, tossing and turning throughout the night, annoyingly gravitating toward your side of the mattress…a standard King or Queen mattress can feel like a Portacot some nights.

A Super King mattress could be the answer to all your prayers. The extra bed space may also help reduce the impact of your partner’s movement, so you can get a more peaceful sleep.

Great for big families and pet owners

A Super King mattress is perfect for families with beloved little rascals (kids or pets). So enjoy those lazy Sunday morning lie-ins with the family, with enough room for the little ones and furry friends to climb in and relax!

Aesthetically pleasing

Another great thing about Super Kings is that they are perfectly square, making them an ideal centrepiece for large bedrooms. Designing your interior around your bed can foster an ultra-comfortable and luxurious vibe, perfect for lying back and catching those Zzz’s.

Our Super King mattress ranges


Support For You

A three-zone pocket spring mattress with Kulkote technology to keep you cool. Affordable, durable and developed with comfort and back support in mind.


comfort For You

Featuring luxurious materials and a 5-zone pocket spring system to cradle the body’s contours – aiding spinal alignment and minimising the effects of partner disturbance.


Pure Balance Recapture

Backed by Osteopathy Australia, this 5-zone pocket spring mattress is designed for exceptional support and comfort.



Our most luxurious range by far – featuring 7 dedicated posture zones, so that optimal support is delivered to every part of your body as you sleep.



The newest Nourish range offers a unique combination of revolutionary sleep technology to provide a superior level of comfort.



Using fresh thinKing and innovative design, the Sanctuary Sensorzone system provides targeted support exactly where you need it most.




With SleepMaker Cocoon’s Sensorzone technology and extra luxury materials, a beautiful night’s sleep is exactly what you’ll get.


Sleep like royalty –
wake up in a Super King

Now you know all the perks of a Super King, all that should be stopping you from upgrading is choosing the right mattress range for you.

If you need help selecting the best mattress for your sleeping habits and needs, visit your nearest Beds R Us. Chatting with one of our sleep experts is the best way to learn which features, systems and materials are best for you. With over 25 years of experience, we’ll help you get the sleep you deserve.