To Our Beds R Us Family & Friends

Thank you for your continued support and trust during these uncertain times. At Beds R Us the wellbeing of our people and community, including you, is our utmost priority. Over the past 28 years we have operated with a mindful focus on the wellbeing of our team members and customers. The operators of Beds R Us stores are working diligently to ensure customers, staff and contractors are assisted through the coronavirus challenges with safety in mind.

We are open for business

Most of our Beds R Us stores are open for business and working to provide dependable and safe conditions. As we continue to service local communities, you may see store operations and practices adjust as we adapt with the expert advice provided by health officials and government. While every measure is being taken to ensure we remain safe and able to assist you, we acknowledge that some localised temporary closures may occur as a necessity. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please get in touch with your local store about their trading status, as circumstances continue to evolve.

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Our goal IS to educate and support customers

It is our goal to educate and support customers about the importance of restful sleep and its impact on wellness. We encourage you to connect with your local Beds R Us team members with questions about your product needs, home delivery practices or to learn how we can support you by phone, email, social media or with staff in a controlled environment.

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Want to know more about selecting the right mattress for you?

If you are wondering how best to research, understand or select a mattress or bedroom furniture that suits your personal needs, we want to help. You can find immediate product education and answers to common questions online or you might like to access one of our individual store pages to start a conversation with local staff. We stand ready with safe and affordable products that are also available using digital payment services online.

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From the bottom of our heart

We thank you for your continued loyalty and support of Beds R Us through these trying times. We will continue to update our network on further changes to store practices and trading conditions as the current environment changes.

We look forward to ensuring your safety, shopping and sleep needs are understood and supported.

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