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Need a Siesta?
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The Sleepyhead Siesta and Siesta Plus are a great value option for an uninterrupted night’s sleep or a cheeky power nap! It has a cosy feel while being medium-firm in composition.

Offered at a very reasonable price-point, the Siesta and Siesta Plus are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort for the sake of cost – from one of Australia’s best mattress brands.

Here’s the complete run-down on the versatile, quality mattress that is the Siesta.

Why buy a Siesta mattress?

You simply can’t replicate the regenerative effects of a restful sleep. Not with a cup of coffee, a shot of tequila or even with a credit card shopping spree!

Although these things may create a phenomenal amount of short-term enjoyment, buying the right mattress for you may be the better solution for your long-term health and happiness. Especially when it’s supportive, snuggly and assists in getting you a great sleep. Support For You – Siesta and Siesta Plus ticks these boxes, and plenty more!

What does the Siesta offer?

  • Great body support
  • Affordable price range
  • Built with Truflex Springs & Dreamfoam technology
  • Antibacterial technology (Ultra-fresh)

The Siesta and Siesta Plus mattresses are one supercharged bed. Not only does it provide great body support, but it also has a number of special features which provide very real benefits to the sleeper. Let’s take a look at these in-depth.

Siesta Offer
Specialised Comfort Layers

Specialised comfort layers

When included, comfort layers usually make up the top section of your mattress. They are made from materials which help to cushion and cradle your body.

Formulated to distribute body weight as evenly as possible and to be responsive to movement during sleep, they offer support to the sleeper in any position. Therefore, comfort layers may provide an ongoing experience of comfort.

The Siesta is a mattress with a dreamfoam comfort layer – a unique high-density foam structure which allows for a level of support and comfort.

It’s an exclusive Sleepyhead technology, entirely manufactured in Australia. It’s also better for the environment because it uses a new CO2 process to reduce its carbon footprint.

Truflex Springs

You’ll find a lot of beds on the market have a spring support core, aka innerspring. That’s because a mattress equipped with a central structure of metal coils can provide a lot of things a full latex, air, foam, water or any other type of one-system bed cannot.

Spring systems may assist in reducing partner disturbance. Also, they are usually more breathable, allowing you to sleep cooler and fresher all night long.

A bed in Sleepyhead’s Siesta range is no different. Each mattress in boosted by the durability and support of Truflex heat-tempered springs.

The user is sure to benefit from all the practical and desirable qualities that are associated with an innerspring, backed by the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing this product has been manufactured by a thoroughly reputable Australian company.


Allergens are probably the last thing on your mind when you drift off to the land of Nod. However, your mattress in one of the top places in your home that may harbour allergy-causing contaminants and critters, most probably a good number of dust mites. These are known for triggering allergies, a common ailment which can easily contribute to a lack of sleep.

Addressing this issue, Sleepyhead treats the comfort layers in every Siesta mattress with a specialised product. Ultra-fresh is an innovative antibacterial technology which works to target bacteria, microbes, mould, mildew and fungi. Dust mites feed on human skin flakes, but they also benefit from moisture and mould, so reducing these particles explains how Ultra-fresh works in beds to improve your sleep!

Ultra-fresh can also upgrade your mattress’s resistance to odours, staining and overall degradation keeping it fresh, hygienic and making it an allergy-friendly choice.

Who will a Sleepyhead Siesta mattress suit?

This particular model is classed as a medium-firm mattress, which is suited for:
  • Growing Teens
  • Guest Room
  • Comfort on a Budget

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Mattress Buying Guide

The Siesta also comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty with Sleepyhead. So rest assured you have a great mattress for the household.

  • Support For You – Siesta
  • Support For You – Siesta Plus

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