These days more and more people get around in activewear, drink green smoothies and indulge in acai bowls—aiming to improve their wellbeing.

The Most Beautiful Sleep Ever Made

A great addition to your self-care routine might be right in your bedroom. Have you ever thought about the power of a quality bed and mattress and what it can do to help you get better sleep?

The ultimate step in your self-care plan might just be a supremely supportive and comfortable luxury mattress. Look no further than the SleepMaker Cocoon. With the registered trademark ‘the most beautiful sleep ever made’ this bed certainly sounds tempting. At Beds R Us, we go under the covers with our mattress buying guide, this time shining our spotlight on the sublime SleepMaker Cocoon.

When you need your
beauty sleep

The Cambridge Dictionary defines beauty sleep as ‘the sleep that you need in order to feel and look healthy and attractive’. The SleepMaker Cocoon bed is the most luxurious mattress in the SleepMaker range at Beds R Us. Not only is it is pure opulence in a bed, but it can also help you to feel more rested and ready to face the day ahead.

Combining materials like silk, wool or cashmere with the most advanced Sensorzone comfort technology the Cocoon range provides a level of comfort you’ll appreciate. With this kind of luxury, you may just feel like your very best self!

SleepMaker Cocoon mattress broken down in layers

You Deserve The Best

With a SleepMaker Cocoon mattress, a host of top-of-the-range features provide practical benefits, such as:

Luxury Quilt Layer icon
Luxury Quilt Layer

Climatex Quilt is a high quality, expertly designed quilted layer located at the top of the mattress. The natural fibres of silk, wool or cashmere help improve airflow and breathability in the mattress. This can help regulate the sleeper’s temperature so they experience less disruption to their rest time.

Comfort Layer Technology icon
Comfort Layer Technology

SleepMaker Cocoon bed mattresses include comfort layers made from the latest in technology to provide a luxurious feel without compromising on support. Antimicrobial treatments are infused in the comfort layer foams which may inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould. High-performance new materials help to dissipate excessive heat from the user’s body to assist the prevention of hot spots, moderating undue discomfort during sleep.

Sensorzone Support System icon
Sensorzone Support System

Cocoon features pocket springs inside foam pockets, making it a mattress support system with full integration to provide targeted support where it’s needed most. Each spring sits separately within a Dreamfoam core and responds independently to movement, reducing partner disturbance.

Adjustable Friendly icon
Adjustable Friendly

The Cocoon mattresses are customised for use with adjustable bed frames. This means you have the option to pair your Cocoon mattress with a complete system for enhanced accessibility and flexibility. An adjustable bed base will typically use electronic gears and motors to move into various degrees of elevation. They are equipped with a remote control, so a new degree of comfort is available at the click of a button.

Helping you live your best life…

You only get one you, so it makes sense to invest in what is likely to contribute to your best quality of life.

Especially when it comes to what you sleep on each and every night. SleepMaker clearly ‘got the memo’ when they brought their Cocoon range to life.

The difference is that each mattress is 100% crafted by hand in Australia to fit your unique needs. Yes, your bed is made to order! SleepMaker’s expert craftspeople will use the finest construction techniques to turn your dream into a perfectly exquisite reality. Achieving your best sleep has never been quite so personalised!

A Refreshing Sleep
is One of Life’s Enduring Luxuries

You know that feeling when you climb into bed after a long day and sink into sweet repose? Well, SleepMaker knows it too and you can check out their beauty sleep guide. If you’d like some extra sleep aids or self-care techniques, here are a few lifestyle tips you might be able to use to complement your new mattress:

Which One is the Right for me?

plush feel SleepMaker Cocoon mattress

A plush version of the Cocoon mattress, for those who prefer a softer feel. This bed also features the supreme softness and warmth of Cashmere. It is fine in texture, strong, light and soft.

medium feel SleepMaker Cocoon mattress

A medium version of the Cocoon mattress, suitable for those who opt for an intermediate feel. Made with lustrous natural silk. This composition helps improve airflow and breathability in the mattress.

firm feel SleepMaker Cocoon mattress

A firm version of the Cocoon mattress, for those who appreciate a firmer sleeping surface. Uses wool as primary fibre. Wool is dust-mite resistant and hypoallergenic, as well as being incredibly breathable and able to help in the regulation of body temperature.

Where to buy a Cocoon?

Once you experience the sheer comfort of the SleepMaker Cocoon range for yourself, you’ll understand that self-care really does come in the shape of a bed. A top-of-the-range mattress from one of the best brands in Australia; we know you’re going to fall in love with this bed once you try it out in-store.