At Beds R Us, we want to help you understand what goes into your mattress. Allow us to share and discuss the technology in this revolutionary era of Sleepyhead’s unique pocket spring mattress: the Swisstek.

Welcome to the Revolution

Modern life can be fast and demanding. So, it’s understandable that you’ll want to recover each night on a mattress that offers unprecedented levels of support for your entire body. It’s more than luxury – it’s survival of the fittest!

A Swisstek mattress with a Comfort System is designed to allow perfect harmony between spring support and comfort layers, which can uniquely benefit bodies of all shapes, sizes and sleep positions. Statistics have shown that our average body weight has increased, while standard mattress designs have remained relatively unchanged for over half a century. Some may think that the typical way to accommodate this is to make springs or mattress builds thicker, yet Sleepyhead knew that they could provide a better solution.

The Technology Behind

The technology behind each Swisstek mattress has been developed by leading experts in Switzerland and made exclusively by Sleepyhead in Australia. There are seven dedicated posture zones that each have different flexibility so they can respond to your body as needed. This may assist you to make improvements to your spinal alignment by adopting a better sleep posture. Swisstek targets lower back support and cradles your neck although the importance of a good pillow cannot be overstated.

Swisstek leads the revolution in sleep support technology and it’s Beds R Us exclusive. The Comfort System (CS) component is at the core of every bed within the Harmonie and Amour Swisstek ranges. This revolutionary extra layer of pocket coils provides equilibrium for the sleeper – a level of responsiveness that other beds can only dream of. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this mattress reads your mind. It really is that intuitive!


World’s first
Transitional comfort system

The Swisstek comfort spring technology by Sleepyhead is produced with the world’s first transitional comfort system. But, what does this mean? The magic happens under the surface of your mattress where high tech Swisstek pocket springs are topped with an extra layer of mini pocket springs – aka a dual pocket spring. This ‘transitions’ between the foam comfort layers and the mattress support system below.

Dual pocket spring system

A system that conforms to the specific characteristics of the user; their size, shape and individual sleep position. 1. Australian Made pocket spring support layer. 2. SCS consists of Australian made mini pocket coils that form part of the comfort layers.

Minimised Dipping

Minimised dipping

When you sleep on a Swisstek with Comfort System technology the chance of rolling into your partner during the night is minimised. That’s because the pocket coils are designed to work in a coexistent, yet never codependent fashion. With any type of pocket spring mattress, you’ll also find there is less of an impression left by your body in its surface, even as you use it over time. We refer to this as reduced partner disturbance, using ‘dip-minimising technology’.

Evolve with eco-friendly Dreamfoam

A Swisstek mattress wouldn’t be revolutionary if it didn’t do something to help the environment. Sleepyhead utilises Dreamfoam in its engineering process which combines comfort with eco-consciousness. The technology is manufactured in Australia and uses a CO2 process to reduce its carbon footprint.

With a Swisstek, you’ll sleep well knowing you made the right choice for the planet – and for you! It features PillowBase, which is a targeted layer composed of Dreamfoam. The high-density structure of the material provides pure comfort – where you need it most.

But, that’s exactly the Sleepyhead difference. You can count on them to lead the way in technological innovation. They consistently make substantial investments in eco-friendly tech. For example, the Evocell Foam Plant, which is the first of its kind in Australasia, won a green ribbon award for reducing emissions!

Front-Line in hypoallergenic and antibacterial features

Bacteria, microbes and allergens are probably the last things on your mind when you settle into bed for some much-deserved rest. But they are a cause for concern to many people, which Sleepyhead works hard to tackle. So what kind of front-line hypoallergenic and antibacterial features do Swisstek beds offer?

KülKōte Silver

KülKōte Silver

They partner with American tech firm KülKōte to have the natural antibacterial properties of silver (as an element) integrated into Phase Change Materials (PCMs).



Ultra-Fresh antimicrobial treatments inhibit the growth of bacteria, helping to keep our products fresh, hygienic and odour-free.

Your Natural Selection in a Mattress

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