If your current mattress makes you feel less supported than you used to, it might be time to consider a replacement.

But, how to pick one that has the right features for you? Of course, it’s important to look at the core of a mattress in its spring system, but there are other things that might matter to you — like temperature regulation. We take a look at cooling mattress technologies in this short article.

A word on sleep temperature

Your sleep temperature, particularly an abrupt rise or fall during the night, may make you feel like you are not getting enough sleep. Some mattress technology is aimed at helping to manage this. Kulkote and Kulkote Silver are examples of heat-regulating and antibacterial treatments that may assist you to rest more comfortably.

Cooling mattress technologies

Especially when the weather heats up, you might be interested in a mattress with Kulkote and Kulkote Silver. These are technologies added to the composition of the bed, with the design being to help you sleep cooler and drier. In some cases, they are even allergy-friendly.


KulKote technology helps to regulate body heat with components that absorb and release energy. This is based on specific melting points. A continuous cycle of heat removal and release aims to draw away moisture from your mattress.



Additionally, silver is known to have natural antibacterial properties. The difference between Kulkote and Kulkote Silver is that silver adds the natural antibacterial properties of this special element. This may be of extra benefit to alleviate triggers for sleeper’s with dust mite allergies.

Not a fan of the sweltering heat during summer?

We’ve got you covered with the things you need to know about cooling mattress technologies to help you stay cool.

Relevant mattress ranges for you

With a typical mattress lasting five to ten years, a new bed purchase might feel like a pretty big decision—and that’s fair enough! You may get 29,000 hours of sleep in that bed so it is worth investing in. That’s why we are here to provide you with useful educational tips and pointers to guide your purchase. Naturally, this takes into consideration mattress features and inclusions.

We encourage you to come into a Beds R Us store to try-before-you-buy. Form a relationship with a bedding specialist — you’ll be glad you did!

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