Innerspring mattresses, also known as coil mattresses, are the most common type of mattress. These mattresses have a spring zone and comfort layer. The innersprings provide support and may assist with proper spinal alignment as you sleep.

Although innerspring mattresses may look similar, the construction of these mattresses will be different. Underneath the top layer of fabric you’ll find different spring systems and comfort layers. The combination of foams, fibres and springs give different levels of softness and support and explain the differences in price.

In this article, you’ll find out about the four different types of innerspring mattresses. Read on to find out about open coil, continuous coil, pocket spring and offset innerspring systems.

Open Coil Mattresses

Open coil (Bonnell) mattresses are the traditional style of mattress.

They are made of single springs fixed together by one wire to form a mat. It has hourglass shaped springs, attached to other coils with a small wire spiral called a helical.


Allows good air flow, which means that it does not have heat traps.

Affordable mattress option.

Lighter mattress, so it is easier to turn.

Continuous coil mattresses

Continuous coil mattresses have rows of coils that are made of a single continuous wire looped into springs. As the weight load is shared across a number of innersprings each spring holds its shape longer. This system provides better support and strength than open coil mattresses.

Beds R Us has a range of omnicoil continuous coil mattresses, including Just Sleep and Miracoil.

Just Sleep

SleepMaker’s Omnicoil 185mm full width continuous coil spring system provides excellent durability, distributes weight across your whole body and offers full back support.


Strengthened z-shaped continuous coil support system designed to reduce back stress.
So if you are looking to swap into something more nurturing for your back, try either our Miracoil Bixby Classic or the Miracoil Chapel Advance 5

Miracoil Bixby

The Miracoil Classic spring system features strengthened 2.2mm wire gauge z-shaped springs arranged in continuous coils that provide top-to-toe, edge-to-edge back support – for everyone – even two sleepers weighing over 100kg each.

Find my Bixby classic

Miracoil Chapel
Advance 5

The Miracoil Advance is a graduated five zone spring system with a heavy 2.3mm wire gauge, which provides increased durability and support. The springs’ five zones are configured to assist with spinal alignment by actively cradling the shoulders, hips and legs. This also assists with pressure point relief which can help to reduce tossing and turning.

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Pocket Spring mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses have individual springs, each sewn into their own pocket of fabric. These mattresses can have up to 3,000 springs sewn into individual fabric pockets.

Beneath the top fabric of the mattress are comfort layers such as ultra-fresh treated comfort foam that cushion your body as you sleep. In a pocket spring mattress, each coil is separate so the rest of the bed isn’t disturbed with the movement of surrounding coils. As each spring is wired separately, applying weight to one spring won’t affect surrounding springs.

We also have a range of mattresses with pocket springs including Sanctuary and Swisstek.

  • Good air circulation.
  • Good support by distributing your body weight evenly.
  • Combination of foams and fibres make these mattresses extremely comfortable.
  • Can support two people of two different body weights well because the springs are separate.
  • Perfectly cradles the hip and shoulder region to assist with spinal alignment.
  • You won’t feel too warm because the open-spring construction allows air to circulate.


SleepMaker’s 7.5” 190mm durable, full-width omnipocket spring system reduces partner disturbance while individual springs support your back’s natural curve.

Sleep Better With Sanctuary


Swisstek’s pocketcoil system relieves pressure sensitive points, evenly distributes your weight and aligns your spine.

Sleep better with Swisstek

Offset Coil mattresses

Lastly, the offset coil are similar in construction to open coil mattresses, but have a square head instead of rounded one. The square head and the fact that the flat segments are hinged together enables the mattress to contour your body shape.

  • The square heads makes the
    mattress more durable

  • Contours to your body

  • Less noise compared to
    open coils