Put your hand up if you have bought a bed that sagged or deteriorated within the space of a few years. If you’re someone who feels ‘once bitten and twice-shy’ about buying a new mattress, at Beds R Us we hear your concerns. What is the best mattress to buy for the purpose of longevity?

If your new bed is equipped with a pocket spring system the best quality mattresses will stay in shape for longer. With lower quality mattresses (especially those with many foam layers and non-heat tempered or low quality springs) unwelcome compressions can become a problem, ie. sagging or dipping.

A small dip should be differentiated from mattress defects where, despite rotating the mattress regularly, an uncomfortable well forms. Like wearing in a pair of shoes, a small concave impression is expected in some beds. Here at Beds R Us we sell thousands of mattresses every year and we become aware of a very small number of defects where a customer needs to engage the manufacturer’s warranty. So how do you tell the difference between expected body impressions and something that may warrant a claim?

What’s the Sleepyhead difference in providing a durable mattress?

The reasons may be a little technical, but they’re well worth the read:

1Specialised support+

Sleepyhead takes the risk of dipping into consideration when deciding what technology to use in each layer of every mattress they design. As mentioned above, these are the indentations you’ll likely notice in a mattress after continued use.

A perfect example of tailored technology is Sleepyhead’s 5-zone support system. Individually wrapped coils assist with evenly distributing the sleeper’s body weight across at least five zones along the length of the mattress. This helps to mitigate sagging of your bed – especially in terms of the effect being concentrated and pronounced (to the detriment of your comfort and quality of sleep).

If you’re after specialised support, you can ask your Beds R Us customer service representative which mattress would be best for you. Those with a heavier body weight, for example, might need to consider a mattress with stronger support and less squashy foam layers. It really is not a black and white situation, so that’s why our mattress specialists are trained to assist you face-to-face with this important decision.

2Improved airflow+

The more springs are in your mattress; the more airflow it will have. By replacing foam comfort layers with springs, airflow and durability are improved even further. This keeps it much cooler and fresher overall. At Beds R Us, we believe in the power of pocket springs so much that some of the mattresses in our Sleepyhead range feature dual pocket spring layers or mini pocket coils:

If you’re focused on sleeping fresher, check out How to sleep better with allergies or ask about Ultra-Fresh at your local Beds R Us store.

3Dynamic design+

Sleepyhead’s most dynamic technology for mattress longevity is the Swisstek Comfort System, which is found in the top two models in the Swisstek range. This series offers advanced dual-layer pocket spring construction. The second layer of pocket springs affords extra give and comfort through the use of pocket springs rather than foam. As mentioned this gives the mattress more airflow, but it also makes it more durable than one that only has foam comfort layers.

The Swisstek Comfort System was the world’s first ‘transitional comfort system’. This allows perfect harmony between spring support and comfort layers, for a more comfortable bed overall. The extra layer of mini pocket coils between the support layers and the foam layers is a comfort spring! The tension is adjusted depending on what feel you want (firm, medium or plush) no longer relying on foams and fabrics for getting the feel of the mattress just right.  These Swisstek beds also accommodate the modern consumer’s typical body-type (which has become significantly larger and/or heavier than in earlier generations).

You can try out a Swisstek CS mattress for yourself, in-store at your nearest Beds R Us retailer.

Freedom from partner disturbance

At Beds R Us, we realise that rolling into your partner while you sleep or feeling like you’re being bounced around whenever they move does not help your sleep or your relationship. That’s why we recommend the Sleepyhead pocket spring collection. It offers the perfect balance of comfort and support. The technology features springs that only move when you move. That means you get to enjoy less partner disturbance. Otherwise put, fewer grumbles in the middle of the night!

Independent heat-tempered springs housed in their own individual pockets reduce motion transference. This results in a higher quality of sleep. If you sleep with another person in your bed, continuous coil mattresses may result in a bouncy feeling. The experience can be highly irritating! Individual springs are the answer and isolating them from each other with a fabric pocket is the simplest way to keep them apart.

Extra Considerations

Mattresses for adjustable bases

Some pocket spring mattresses can be used on an adjustable base. This is because the springs operate independently of each other.

Looking to pair your mattress with adjustable bed frames? The following pocket spring mattresses from Sleepyhead (and SleepMaker) are suitable for use with an adjustable base (such as the Mi Life series).

Warranty and care

Most Sleepyhead mattresses are covered by a ten-year warranty against defects. Of course, that includes all pocket spring mattresses in the range.

You’ll also need to consider the right mattress care. This is to obtain the best possible performance of your bed, for far longer.

You’ll want to access the product registration after buying your new mattress. Additionally, make sure you check out this advice on caring for your new bed to get the most out of your purchase.



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