At Beds R Us we are committed to offering our customers a range of products to best suit various preferences, budgets and even specialist requirements.

With the goal of giving you a restorative sleep, the materials and engineering techniques that go into all of our mattresses come with the high standards of being an Australian Made product.

Some of our mattresses are tailored for better back and pressure-point care such as our Osteopathy Australia and Sports Chiropractic Australia endorsed models. Osteopathy Australia and Sports Chiropractic Australia are two independent associations that endorse mattresses along with many other products.

Our Osteopathy Australia/Sports Chiropractic Australia endorsed mattress models stand out for those looking for the tick-of-approval from reputable organisations within their respective allied health fields. In this article, we explore the many benefits of our endorsed mattresses and pinpoint a few options available for certain types of customers. These mattresses can also be for someone who’s simply looking for a supportive and comfortable bed!

Firstly, who is Osteopathy Australia?

Osteopathy Australia represents osteopaths across all Australian states and territories and is a member of the Allied Health Professions Australia and Osteopathic International Alliance. This key organisation supports osteopathy as a health modality with its focus on the neuro-musculoskeletal system — the bones, muscles, nerves and other tissues that support the body and control its movements.

What do we mean when we talk about
Sports Chiropractic in Australia?

Sports Chiropractic Australia (SCA) is Australia’s national organisation for sports chiropractic, which is a branch of chiropractic for those with an interest and expertise in treating athletes. SCA is a not-for-profit organisation and as a clinical interest group of the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia is a coordinator of both nation-wide and grass-roots sporting events.

What’s Behind an Endorsement?

As peak bodies in their respective health-related fields, both Osteopathy Australia and SCA work with complementary organisations. At Beds R Us, we are proud to provide a selection of mattresses endorsed by both of these professional bodies. The quality of our mattresses arises from a lot of hard work behind the scenes. We think it’s fantastic that Sleepyhead’s and SleepMaker’s high standards of manufacturing are being recognised!

What a Tick of Approval Means for You

Our range of endorsed mattresses are designed to help our customers sleep with more support and comfort, with the goal of improving wellbeing. There is an additional level of peace of mind associated with knowing you can access a range of mattresses that have been vetted by reputable health-related organisations.

This applies especially to those looking for benefits such as minimal partner disturbance, luxurious feel and even, consistent body support throughout the night. In the next section, we take a look at our applicable mattress ranges in more detail.

Beds R Us’ Osteopathy Australia endorsed mattress

Designed with the aim of balancing comfort with back support, Sleepyhead Pure Balance Rejuvenate is a bed that approaches the provision of user benefits from a holistic standpoint. It isn’t hard to see how the endorsement from Osteopathy Australia might have come about.

Who is it suitable for?

Available in a range of sizes and feels, the Pure Balance Rejuvenate range is suitable for anyone looking for good back support with outstanding comfort.

What are some of the main features and benefits?

Rejuvenate is engineered with Flexicoil Pocket Springs which are individually wrapped 5-zone coils. They work to independently distribute the body weight during sleep as well as contouring to each individual’s unique form. This applies to those who share a bed, meaning there’s less chance of your partner’s movements causing you interrupted sleep.

Luxurious composition made up of high-tech foams and materials, with a surface that is breathable, cool and highly adaptive gives the sleeper stronger support and better comfort exactly where it is needed most.

Pocket Springs


Climatex Quilt





Looking for a more holistic approach to your lifestyle?

We’ve got something to help bring balance back to your life!

Beds R Us’ Sports Chiropractic endorsed mattresses

As for our Sports Chiropractic endorsed mattresses, we have the SleepMaker Miracoil range. This range has four different models, each having their associated features and benefits and may appeal to certain demographics in particular. However, it makes for a quality, supportive bed across the board.

As a very well-known name in mattress models, the SleepMaker Miracoil has long been regarded for its supportive qualities. You may ask, why choose SleepMaker Miracoil? It is a bed that may assist to reduce back and hip discomfort in the sleeper, as it is designed to help evenly distribute body weight (with less pressure on particular areas).

Who is it suitable for?

Miracoil is appropriate for anyone looking for tailored support in a mattress and may especially appeal to athletes, active people and those seeking a comfortable and durable bed. A lot of side sleepers enjoy the way this mattress feels!

What are some of the main features and benefits?

The Miracoil range features Miracoil Advance which is a core structure of strengthened z-shaped continuous coils in a 5-zone support system designed to reduce back stress.

Materials and technologies that are antibacterial, durable, luxurious and supportive. It features Dry Tech which is a material that draws moisture away from the body.





we aim to keep our
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We love to keep you informed with useful information on our products and their suitability for a wide range of needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a mattress that is endorsed and also provides great comfort and support, then you might like to check out the Pure Balance and/or Miracoil ranges in person!

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